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Organised by: French Carrom Federation
Date: 13th to 17th February 2008 at Cannes, France.
Venue: Palais Des Festivals, Cannes, France

Brief report by Arif Naqvi (ICF Media Comission/ICF President)

The 5th World Carrom Championship, from 13th to 17th February at the beautiful city of Cannes, France has been successful in many respect.

The Championship was organised by the French Carrom Federation under the authority given by the International Carrom Federation.

Not only that the high class matches were held in all disciplines in which the stalwarts from India and Sri Lanka demonstrated their superiority and perfection, but they also faced very stiff challenges from the Carrom players of the emerging countries such as England, France and Germany and USA. While Pakistan, Italy and Japan also gave very impressive performances. For example for the first time in the history of ICF a Japanese player scored White Slam. A total number of 23 (19 white and 4 black)slams were made during the official World Championship matches while 13 slams (11 white and 2 black) at the Swiss League matches. While the Indian players dominated most of the disciplines, the team of Sri Lanka created history by snatching the title of Team Champion for the first time.

The most interesting aspect of the World Championship was the participation of the common people. The Championship was held as a part of the Games Festival of Cannes, at the same venue where the International Film Festival takes place. A big Carrom Demonstration and Swiss League selection matches of Carrom were organised in the same building, which attracted large sections of the visitors of the Games Festival.

According to the official figures every day more than one thousand visitors played Carrom. I was delighted to see people standing in ques to get the chance for playing Carrom.

The World Championship was attended by India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Japan, South Korea, France, Germany, Italy , Uk, USA and Canada.

While the 5th World Championship was inaugurated on 13th February by the ICF President Arif Naqvi and Secretary General S.K.Sharma the prizes were given at the closing ceremonies by the Mayor of Cannes and ICF President Arif Naqvi and Secretary General S.K.Sharma on 17th February, who also thanked the members of the French Carrom Federation for organizing the World Championship so successfully and praised the work of the Chief Referee Mrs. Rohini Mathiasz, Technical Director P. Raveendran, Assistant Chief Referee V.D. Narayan and other umpires for conducting the matches verry smoothly and successfully.

At the same time it was a pity that the Carrom players of some countries could not participate in the World Championship due visa and other technical problems. However the World Championship at Cannes created much enthusiasm among the players and officials who are now looking forward to the ICF Cup 2008, which will be held in November at Colombo, Sri Lanka, as part of the celebrations of the 50th Anniversary of the foundation of the Carrom Federation of Sri Lanka.

Arif Naqvi
Media Commission of ICF

5th World Carrom Championship - Final Results

Women Singles

Winner: I. Illavazhaki India
Runner-up: P. Nirmala India
3rd. Rashmi Kumari India
4th. G. Revathy India

Men Singles
Winner: Yogesh Pardesi India
Runner-up: M. Nataraj India
3rd.: R. M. Shankara India
4th. R. Arokiaraj India

Women Doubles
Winner: Rashmi Kumari & P. Nirmala India
Runner-up: I. Illavazhaki & G. Revathy India
3rd. A. Vickremasinghe & Yashika Rahubaddha Sri Lanka
4th. Udeshika Kumari & A. de Souza Sri Lanka

Men Doubles
Winner: R.M.Shankara & M. Nataraj India
Runner-up: Chamil Cooray & Nishanta Fernando Sri Lanka
3rd.: Yogesh Pardesi & R. Arokiaraj Sri Lanka
4th. G. Goonewardene & Viraj Fernando Sri Lanka

Women Team Championship
Winner: India
Runner-up: Sri Lanka
3rd. France
4th. Japan

Men Team Championship
Winner: Sri Lanka
Runner-up: India
3rd.: United Kingdom
4th.: Germany

Swiss League Krishan Sharma Championship
Winner: M. Nataraj India
Runner-up: Yogesh Pradeshi India
3rd. : Fernando, Nishantha Sri Lanka
4th. : Kubendra Babu India
5th.: Arokia Raj India
6th. : Shankara R.M. India
7th.: Nirmala P. India
8th.: Goonewardene Germain Sri Lanka
9th.: Challa Shekhar USA
10th: Abdin, Karnal U.K.
11: Ilavazhaki, Ilavazhaki India
12: Cooray, Chamil Sri Lanka
13: Kumari, Rashmi India
14 Dubois, Pierre France
15. Deourukhkar
16. Gaikwad, Prakash India
17. Rahubadda, Yasika Sri Lanka
18. Fernando, Viraj Sri Lanka
19. Somanchi, Kavita India
20. Chandorkar, Sangeeta
21. Revathy, G. India
22. Islam, Nazrul U.K.
23. Scheuerl, Thomas Germany
24. Collard, Steeve France
25. Leau Jonathan France
26. Kale, Jitender
27. Boecker, Peter Germany
28. Abdus, Suja U.K.
29. Pereira, Fabian France
30. Anaraju, Anuraju
31. Cristiani, Gianluca Italy
32. Mallishetti, Shreenivas U.S.A
33. Khan, Amir Pakistan
34. Polchow, Dirk Germany
35. Katu, Neil U.S.A
36. Karangutkar, Vishal U.S.A
37. Kedar, Anupama India
38. Ramoneda, Rodrigo Italy
39. Matsubara, Toru Japan
40. Cieply,Jeremy France
41. Cianarella, Franck France
42. Kumari Udeshika Sri Lanka
43. Martinelli, Paulo Italy
44. Sunahar Ali, Mohammed U.K.
45. Motta, Claudio Italy
46. Venou, Mouraly
47. Ubhayathunga, Amitha Italy
48. Kumar, Ish U.K.
49. Rodrigo Lal Italy
50. Baldin, Sebastien
51. Wickremasinghe, Amitha Sri Lanka
52. Zulfee, Murtaza Khan Pakistan
53. Frauenrath, Ingo Germany
54. Malik, Abdul U.K.
55. Nessakh, Karim France
56. Hussain, Nadir Pakistan
57. Laumaille, Therese France
58. Merkoulova, Katia France
59. Verina, Verina Germany
60. Martinelli, Elisa Italy
61. Ali, Ramzan Pakistan
62. Roumegous, Florence France
63. Neuhauser, emilie France
64. Katano, Hideki Japan
65. Yaqoob Bapoo
66. De Souza, Assumption Canada

Women's Doubles: France vs Sri Lanka

Men's Doubles: Italy vs USA

Italy vs France

SK, Zulfee, Elisa, Arif and Billy

Amitha of Italy against Dirk of Germany

Women's Doubles

Peter of Germany against Gianluca of Italy

Women's Singles : Italy vs Sri Lanka

Pakistan, Italy and Sri Lanka

Tobias vs Rodolfo

The Krishan Sharma Memorial Tournament

Tournament Organizers

Men's Singles

Assumption of Canada plays Elisa of Italy

KS Open

Lady players in the "Carrom Art" stand

Quarter Finals in the Auditorium

Quarter Finals in the Auditorium

The world champions Ilavazhaki and Jogesh Pardeshi of India

Prize Giving Ceremony

Women's Doubles: 3rd place Sri Lanka

Women's Doubles: 2nd place Ila & Revathy of India

Women's Doubles winners Rashmi and Nirmala

Women's Team 3rd place France

World Champion Ilavazhaki

3rd place men's team:UK

Winners of the Team Event for the first time - Sri Lanka

World Champion Yogesh Pardeshi of India

Elisa with Hideki and Toru of Japan at the party

Stefano and Asami

Gianluca, Karnal, Elisa, Stefano, Fernando, Rodolfo and Ali

Nirmala and Elisa

Arif Naqvi
ICF Media Comission


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