Tuesday, October 7, 2014


International Carrom Federation Election 2014

Joesef Meyer Elected New President
Indian SK Sharma Loses his Seat against Maldivian Mohammad Saeed
Murtaza Khan, Elisa, Rohini Elected Unopposed ICF VP
Ramzan Ali & Dr.Neeraj Also Elected Unopposed
Langly Mathaisz Elected unopposed President of AC

This year Carrom World Cup was held in September 2014 at Male’ Maldives. During the period of Carrom World Cup Elections of International Carrom Federation (ICF) and Asian Carrom Confederation (ACC) were also held. ICF Elections are held every four years and last elections were held in USA.

Joseph Meyer of Switzerland elected as new President of International Carrom Federation (ICF) and Langly Mathaisz of Sri Lanka elected as President of Asian Carrom Confederation (ACC). Mohammad Saeed and Ahmed Mubeen of Maldives were elected as General Secretary of ICF and ACC respectively.

Joseph Meyer succeeded over Francise Desoza of Canada and Mohammad Saeed beat S.K Sharma of India. Ahmed Mubeen of Maldive and Dr.Neeraj Sympathy of India elected unopposed.

During the election of ACC S.K. Sharma withdrew Rakibul Hassan President All India Carrom Federation while he was contending for President ACC against LanglyMathaisz of Sri Lanaka so that Langly Mathaisz of Sri Lanka elected unopposed President ACC. Murtaza Khan as Vice President and Ramzan Ali of Pakistan elected as Treasurer of ACC by acclamation.

After the election of Asian Carrom Confederation, Board meeting of International Carrom Federation (ICF) Chaired by President Arif Naqvi was held in Sun Island of Maldvies. During the meeting all members of ICF strongly demanded to hold the election immediately. On this occasion, SK Sharma of All India Carrom Federation disclosed about his millionaire Indian friend who is willing to hold a Global Carrom League like IPL. He further added that currently the terms & conditions are under consideration and he requested ICF Board to delay the elections until the Singing of MoU between ICF & the said Millionaire. ICF Board discussed the proposal of S.K Sharma in detail until the break.

After the break Murtaza Khan Zulfee of Pakistan Carrom Federation presented a written proposal to the President ICF that all the members of ICF from the entire world are presented here and by taking this golden opportunity of this gathering of all ICF members here, ICF elections would be better to hold. Also due to the reason that last elections were held during last Carrom World Cup held in USA in the year 2010. Furthermore, ICF Board may like to allow S.K Sharma to hold his seat until ICF signs the MoU in SAARC Carrom Championship, which is expected to be held in December 2014 in OGA, India. Murtaza Khan further suggested that Board may also appoint S.K. Sharma as Director of Global Carrom League if he succeeds to get signed MoU.

The Board of International Carrom Federation accepted the suggestions of Murtaza Khan Zulfee. Thereafter, election of ICF were held. Dr.Neeraj Sympathy was the only member of All India Carrom Federation elected unopposed as Assistant Secretary General of ICF.

Creditt to Mustaza Khan Zulfee (General Secretary of Pakistan Carrom Association)

My comment:

I congratulate those who are selected as occupying the highest position in the international carom federal in the recent election. Perhaps this change of leadership will bring a new dimension towards more creative, energetic and gives a new light to carrom sports itself.

This is also a wakeup call to the leadership's long stay in the seat and some might see this leadership need to be changed and bring more positive towards new development. Change in leadership is not wrong and it is a healthy thing to be practiced. Leadership change is not only happening in the organization of sports but in the political arena.

As leaders we need to be aware of the level of ability and achievement we sometimes fluctuate. Submit to new people does not mean that the old leaders surrendered, but gave way to bring new leadership and new ideas to continue the legacy of the existing as well as improvements towards more dynamic.

We should also not forget the past leadership who bring the ICF until today. Congratulations and give applause to them of their hard work all this while. We should recognize their work because of their passion in carrom.   

Last but not least, congratulations once again to the new line up and carrom fans around the world would like to see carrom will continue to develop further in line with the other establish sports. Their success is even sweeter if ICF can move towards a more positive outlook in carrom.

We share the knowledge. We gain the knowledge. We spread the knowledge.

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